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AirFree has headed in a direction that not many other air purifier makers have headed before. AirFree makes a filter-less air purifier. That’s what you’d get should you decide to buy the AirFree P1000.

Doing away with the filter certainly has its benefits. But if all is good with filter-less approach, why are the other makers not following suit?

In this Airfree P1000 air purifier review, we’ll put things into perspective. This review is not to decide for you if you should get one. This review is to put the essential information in your hand so that you can decide if it is the perfect air purifier for your case.

Let’s start!

AirFree P1000 Question: Filter-less vs Filter

Not the typical purifier

When I was doing my research on AirFree P1000, I quickly noticed some things were missing. I couldn’t figure out at first. But after resetting my approach a few times and revamp to a more methodical approach, I figured out what those missing pieces were.

The parts that are common in almost every air purifier but not present in the AirFree P1000 are information pertaining to CADR and HEPA-type of filtration capability. You’ll not see such lines that say “Traps 99.97% of particles of size 0.3 microns”.

Why is that so? Simply because the AirFree P1000 does not use any filter. So what do you gain when you’re using the P1000?

No, it is not dust and allergens. No, it is not pollens and pet danders. Mold and Mildew. That’s what the P1000 has been designed to remove. That’s what the P1000 has shown to be highly effective in delivering.

How it works is simple

The way AirFree P1000 works is dead simple. It sucks in about 14,000-20,000 litres of air every hour. Instead of passing through layers of filters, the air passes through a heat chamber. Inside the chamber, temperature goes up to around 392 Farenheit.

Such temperature is sufficient to eliminate most microorganism that are harmful to our health system. With all the harmful microorganism removed, the next step is to cool down the air before it is released back to the room.

A simple way of visualizing how the P1000 works is to use the boiling water analogy. The process is similar. Take a look at the video below. It’ll give you an idea on how it works.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking to get rid of the dust, pollens and tobacco smoke, AirFree P1000 is not what you want to be looking at. If have a serious tobacco smoke problem, you may want to check our list of best air purifiers for smoke removal instead.

I’m not saying that the AirFree P1000 will completely ignore those pollutants. But without HEPA-type of specification, there is no way you can scientifically measure its effectiveness in this regard.

So who is it made for? AirFree P1000 is for you if you’re looking for a solution to mold and mildew problem.

According to WHO guidelines for indoor air quality, keeping moisture low is important. Their review highlighted several health problems related to this.

Breathing difficulties. Allergy and asthma. Impact on immunological system. These are problems associated with excessive presence of mold.

The AirFree P1000 is highly effective in this regard. One of the test carried out to show its effectiveness is the strawberry test.

The test is very simple. 2 strawberries are used in the test. One of them is placed in a room with no AirFree purifier and the other is where an AirFree unit is present.

The test shows how effective AirFree is in removing the mold and reducing the overall moisture level. If you always run into breathing difficulty because the air is too stuffy or humid, this might be the solution you need.

When the mold and dampness is being reduced, the natural consequence is the disappearance of mildew or stuffy smell.

In case you’re wondering what that smell is like, you just need to walk to any college dorm. It’ll take you no time to figure out how unpleasant that smell can be!

How Airfree p1000 worksAirfree p1000 strawberry test


With no filter to replace, AirFree P1000 is a maintenance-free air purifier. Most people (including myself) will not believe when they first heard about it.

But ask yourself this question. What do you want to replace? Going back to the water boiling analogy, is there any parts that you need to replace when all you need to do is turn on the heating element?

Complete Silence

This is one advantage that AirFree products naturally comes with. Since no fan is used, there will be no noise coming out from the fan.

If you intend to place one in your bed room and leave it even when you go to sleep, this works like a charm.

It’s Not All You Need

By now, you should have a good idea on what the AirFree P1000 can do. It depends on how serious your health is impacted due to the bad air in your living environment.

For allergy or asthma patients who experience more acute health impairments, they might need more than one air purifier unit. They might have to get an AirFree P1000 unit in addition to the air purifier designed for allergy and asthma needs.

Now You Know It

Know your stuff well before buying. I’m sure you have a good idea on what the AirFree P1000 can deliver and where it falls short.

Do you think you should get one for yourself? I’d say the answer pretty much depends on how badly your health is affected by the air surrounding you.