How Good is Hoover Air Purifier 600?

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Air cleansing systems filter contaminants from the air, purging the unhealthy airborne particles that find their way into our lungs. Join the battle by shopping for the best air purifier. Set a budget that’s defined by quality, and delve into the features on the Hoover Air Purifier 600. This compact tower of filters sanitizes the stew of dirty air present in homes and offices, sending out negative ions to grab the foreign matter and...

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Should You Let Venta LW45 Washes Clean Your Air?

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Fostering a healthy indoor habitat can get very complicated very quickly. Avoid tangles of power cables and countless little black boxes by taking care of air quality with a single package, the Venta Airwasher Humidifier LW45. Combining the best of both worlds, the scrubbing of nasty airborne contaminants and the harmonious balance of moisture, the Venta enjoys all of the features needed to garner the compact black or white box a commanding...

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Squair – Is Plasma the Way to Go for Air Purifier?

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The power of crowd-funding has knocked the constricting chains away from innovators. From smart wearables to wireless security, the momentum is gathering, delivering my daily dose of tech-overload. Out of the dozens of worthy entrants to solicit my attention of late, the Squair portable air purifier has made the biggest mark in my air purifier review inbox. Cold plasma technology is the futuristic science powering the the device, but is this...

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Introducing the World’s First Smart Air Purifiers

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Whether you’re prone to yearly common colds or suffer from allergies, an air purifier is your best friend during those congested days. Particulates permeate the air, causing respiratory issues for millions of people. Although purifiers and humidifiers have been around for decades, manufacturers are beginning to add in smart features. WiFi and smartphone connectivity are just some of the features available with these early pioneers of...

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Fortunately, the Much Feared Pollen Vortex Didn’t Happen

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With everyone grabbing their winter coats for the polar vortex, nothing else seemed to be on the minds of those in winter’s pathway. However, there was a new threat on the warpath for allergy sufferers: the pollen vortex. This concept came from spring’s reaction to a long winter. Pollen was essentially delayed by snow, rain and overall cold temperatures. Once the cold abated, this pollen vortex was supposed to strike with a...

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What Global Warming Means to Asthma & Allergy Sufferers

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Global warming has been debated in the media for decades as scientists and government officials try to get a handle on its true effects on the Earth. In general, global warming is the effect of pollutants, namely carbon dioxide, on the atmosphere. As these gases accumulate, the entire planet grows warmer each year. Although a gradual process, global warming has significant implications for people with respiratory issues, such as seasonal...

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