Hunter 30378 Air Purifier: Microscopic Hunter?

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Summertime is wonderful, except for the pollen and other allergens. Fall is also wonderful, except for the mold spores and other allergens. If we could live without allergies or respiratory difficulties, every season would be beautiful. However, we have to face the reality that poor air quality makes life less pleasant than it should be. A good air purifier can make our air fresh and clean and let us enjoy all the seasons. In this Hunter air...

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Alen BreatheSmart: A Superb Air Purifier?

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When searching the market for the ‘perfect air purifier,’ many people seem to get discouraged by the sheer amount of available options. Much like other Alen air purifier reviews, I aim to reduce some of those concerns by introducing readers to a comparatively well-rated air purifier available on today’s market. This air purifier is known as Alen’s BreatheSmart Air Purifier. What Makes Alen BreatheSmart a Smart Investment...

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Whirlpool Whispure Review: Look Ma, It Rhymes

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If you have allergies, you may wake up some mornings with gummy eyes and clogged sinuses. Having pets around the house certainly contributes to these problems, making sleep more difficult and keeping you from functioning normally during the day. I have found that air purifiers actually do help with my allergies, so if you suffer from the same type of problems or simply want cleaner, better smelling air, shopping for a unit of your own is a good...

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Winix Plasmawave 5300: So Many Features

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It seems like there is an abundance of air purifiers on the market today. For many people, choosing one can be an overwhelming and rather frustrating experience. With so many alternatives, where does one start precisely? Today’s review will be taking a look at a specific model. That model is Winix Plasmawave 5300. Let’s examine its features, pros, and cons. Hopefully, it will help you determine if it’s the right model for you. This is one...

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Is Holmes HAP756-U a Good Buy?

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I am an allergy sufferer, and I dislike dusting. If you know what I’m talking about, I’m sure you understand how having an excellent air purifier can really be a necessity. Air conditioners help, but they can’t clean the air of all the pollen and dander that trigger my allergy and so many others respiratory distress. As a bonus, the quiet hum from a quality air purifier brand can actually be a sleeping aid. The white noise is...

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Honeywell 50250 Review: A Low Cost Performer?

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Of all the Honeywell air purifier reviews that have been written, the Honeywell 50250 air purifier has received some of the best reviews. This is the highest powered HEPA air purifier that is made by the company. Even though the air purifier market is crowded, the 50250 has managed to set itself apart from the competition. Highlights of Honeywell 50250 Some of the reasons for the success of this model are an average Clean Air Delivery Rate of...

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