Fellowes AeraMax 200: Among the Best Mid-range Air Purifier

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If you’re suffering from indoor allergies and other breathing difficulties, there’s a good chance that you’ve looked into investing in an air purifier. It depends on the humidity profile of the place you are staying at. The best air purifier is obviously one that will eradicate any mold growth while also clearing up air particles already circulating through rooms as well. In a number of air purifier reviews, the Fellowes Allergy and Asthma...

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Air-O-Swiss AOS-7147: The Fine Brilliance of Swiss Innovation

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Moist, clean air is one of the most important components to maintaining optimum health. Often in urban or arid environments, the quality of the air you breathe can actually actively contribute to poor respiratory health—allergies, poor sleep, frequent infections, and even illness. Additionally, dry eyes are susceptible to infection and injury and dry skin to frequent breaks and painful sensitivity. The less natural moisture your body has in...

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Roolen Breath Humidifier: Your Key to Clean Breath of Air

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When it comes to staying healthy, diet and exercise are only a portion of the solution. Another major component is keeping your body’s first line of defense against invasion in top running condition. In other words, keeping your skin and the mucus membranes of your eyes and sinus cavity moist and clean is one of the top ways to ward off illness. The best way to do this is to ensure that the air in your home or office is properly purified and...

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Honeywell QuietCare HCM-6009: A Superbly Quiet Humidifier

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Humidifiers create pleasant conditions indoors by increasing the moisture level during cold or dry weather, but they are usually noisy devices. The best humidifier can produce the desired effect and do so quietly. The Honeywell QuietCare Humidifier HCM-6009 has a noise level that is as much as 30 percent lower than similar models. Using a humidifier is often a matter of necessity to keep your skin and delicate membranes moist, and it is an...

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Honeywell AirGenius4: A Genius Combination of Air Cleaner Plus Humidififer?

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Maintaining a clean environment with a balanced level of humidity is an important aspect to ensuring your health and wellbeing. Humidifiers and air filtration systems are often an ideal solution to issues of dry or polluted air supplies in your home and office. In order to find the best air purifier, you’ll need to keep several things in mind. Ease of use, lifespan of a particular model, and performance standards are each important. As well,...

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Understanding the Pros and Cons of DIY Air purifier

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Impurities in the air are a concern to anyone who wants to avoid respiratory problems, and installing an air purifier as a do it yourself project is an option worth considering. Given the low cost budget required to set up your own air purifier, this option has emerged as one popular option in many poorer cities where majority of the population find such leading air purifier as IQAir to be way too unaffordable. Some concerns that you may...

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