Finally! Studies Show The Threat of Indoor Air Pollution is Real!

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Our young children enjoy playing peek-a-boo, a simple game that lets them think that we cannot see them if they hide their eyes. An innocent and harmless practice for them, denial of reality is dangerous when we do it. Our insistence on refusing to face the facts lulls us into a sense of security that is not real. The air in our homes is more polluted than the air outside, an alarming state of affairs when we consider the harm that it can do to...

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Why You Shouldn’t Rule Out an Aprilaire 5000 Whole-Home Air Cleaner

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Speak to your HVAC contractor. Try seeking for their recommendation on whole home air cleaner. More often than not, they’ll tell you to get an Aprilaire 5000. But, Why an Aprilaire 5000? Recommended by Most HVAC Professionals That’s a very good question. Healthy skepticism is always good as long as it doesn’t shut you off from certain options. Of all the reasons that I can think of, the most important one that I can think of...

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When a Whole House Air Purifier is the Better Choice Compared to the Portable Alternatives

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Ok. Now that you’re looking for a whole house air purifier, it is likely to mean two things. First, you’re moving to a new house. You are getting your HVAC contractor to re-work the ventilation system that runs through the entire house. Second, your ventilation system has just failed and you need a good replacement. I know this might sound a bit silly. But let’s see what’s the difference between a whole house air...

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Is Frigidaire FAD704DWD Dehumidifier an Effective Humidity Control Solution?

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Of all the different air pollutants affecting allergy and asthma sufferers, mold is probably the last thing that is being considered by anyone researching for air cleaning solution in their homes. But I think overlooking the problems related to mold and mildew is a serious oversight that needs to be corrected. Mind you that I’m not suggesting your home is prone to such issue. The point I’m trying to make is it is important that you...

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Air Maintenance Tips: Fighting Indoor Mold & Mildew

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Why Do You Need a Dehumidifier? Dehumidifier is certainly not the first that comes to mind when anyone is looking for an air purifier. This is even more true if it is the first air purifier purchase that you’re making. Do you really need a dehumidifier? Let me give you an idea on how it works. You answer to yourself if you ever need one. Your Health and Mold Every allergy and asthma sufferer knows that pollen, dust, pet hairs and pet...

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2013 was the Worst Pollen Season. 2014 may be Worse. Are you Ready?

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The planet is getting warmer. Climate is changing. 2013 has so far proved to be one of the worst that an allergy sufferer had to go through. It’s not only about the duration but also the pollen counts that we have to bear with. If 2013 is bad, how about 2014? With all signs pointing to allergy season kicking off in early spring, have you got yourself prepared for the worst? Early Pre-caution is Always Better Understand Your Allergies Take...

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