The Award-Winning Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0

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Rabbit Air is what we consider as one of the leading air purifier specialist. In fact, the brand’s Minus A2 is considered as one of the best air purifier for smoke and odor removal. But what about Rabbit Air’s BioGS air purifier model? What can you expect of its performance? What makes it a worthy purchase? RabbitAir BioGS: A Display of State-of-the-Art BioGS HEPA Filter Rabbit Air’s BioGS air purifier features a 4-stage...

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The Best Low-Cost Air Purifier Alternatives (Not Recommended)

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The air purifier industry is one that continues to grow and evolve. This is despite the controversy surrounding the benefits of using air puriifer. It really depends on which air purifier reviews you are reading. If you’ve done your research right, I bet you’ll still end up divided. Your 3-Pronged Strategy Towards Cleaner Air If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it is this. According to the Environmental Protection Agency...

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Considering Fellowes AP-300PH Air Purifier? Is it Worth?

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If you’re considering a Fellowes air purifier model, chances are you have used one their business machines in your office. I’m not saying you have to. But being a company with a stronghold in the business of selling office accesories, records storage and business machine, not many home users will be familiar with the Fellowes brand. This time, our air purifier review will focus on Fellowes AP-300PH. This is one of the brand’s...

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Who are the Leading Air Purifier Specialists?

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Nothing is more difficult than to decide which air purifier brand and model is the best. After all, the industry has seen a number of high profile litigation cases in the past. About the Air Purifier Industry Take Claims with Heap of Salt Among the high profile victim is Honeywell that was accused for making unsubstantial claim about their air purifier capability. But since then, air purifier makers have dialed back on their claims and/or...

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Filter-less AirFree P1000 is Maintenance-free. But does it work?

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AirFree has headed in a direction that not many other air purifier makers have headed before. AirFree makes a filter-less air purifier. That’s what you’d get should you decide to buy the AirFree P1000. Doing away with the filter certainly has its benefits. But if all is good with filter-less approach, why are the other makers not following suit? In this Airfree P1000 air purifier review, we’ll put things into perspective. This...

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Winix Signature U450: The Elite

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The Winix Signature U450 Air Purifier features five stages of advanced filtration to to capture any allergens that may cause medical problems. These air purifiers will also eliminate chemicals and odors. The Winix Signature U450 is recommended for spaces that are 450 square feet and up. Let’s go through the few reasons that make this flagship model one of the best-selling air purifiers in the market. Examining the Features of Winix...

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