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The air purifier market is both a vital and quiet business. On the one hand, an effective air purifier is without a doubt something which can be a great asset in improving the quality of the one’s breathable air, health, and life. On the other hand, it’s far from the most publicized of appliances.

As such, when reviewing them, I prefer to try and approach them from the perspective of the consumer. Such is my approach in this Blueair 403 review. Rare is the person who has an encyclopedic memory of various air purifier models and manufacturers.

That being said, the specifications of a unit can make or break a model. Let’s take a look if one of Blueair’s 400 series model – 403 to be exact – has what it takes to be considered as a great air purifier.

What Will Make You Fall in Love with Blueair 403

Captivating Beauty

When you stumble upon Blueair during your air purifier review and research, the first thing that will etched profoundly into your mind is its Beauty.

With its Swedish root, great design is something you’d be expecting. Every Blueair air sanitizer model boasts Scandinavian design that promises a well-thought combination of function and aesthetic.

If you need an air purifer (especially if you’re putting it in your living room) and you don’t want your guest to mistake you for keeping one of the obsolete first generation ‘PC’, there are not that many alternatives you have.

Blueair 403 can be considered as one of the most beautifully designed air purifier (that still works!). I would consider RabbitAir MinusA2 to be the closest challenger in this regard (based on similar price range and performance).

Industry Track Record

In the intensely competitive world we are living today, it is easy to find ourselves being misled. With so many new features being introduced, from dust sensor to intelligent environment sensor, it is hard for average consumers (like you and me) to distinguish hypes from facts, gimmick from useful benefits.

One indicator that I often try to establish is the strength of the industry track record of the manufacturer. Some of you would argue that this is not the best way and there are better ways to judge a product’s strength.

My rationale is simple. If a product is good enough to be accepted by standard-bearing regulators and indpendent organizations, it is as good as saying “Here is my product. Go scrutinize it!”.

This is the case for Blueair. Among all the certification it has earned, the most important one that concerns us in need of air cleaner, is the AHAM Verifide seal.

What does this mean to folks like you and me? It means that all the numbers claimed for each certified product can simply be trusted because they have been independently verified.

For room size in the range 350 sqft, Blueair 403 delivers one of the highest CADR for all 3 air pollutant categories (dust, tobacco smoke and pollen) and yet still not exceeding the ozone limits as recommended by FDA. Note that repeated exposure to bad ozone may result in permanent scar of lung tissues.

In this regard, Sharp Plasmacluster is probably the closest alternative to Blueair 403 you want to consider (based on similar room size and CADR capability).

Blueair 403 aham verifide certificateBlueair 403 air purifier review

Among the Quietest Air Purifier

The Blueair 403 features the company’s patented HEPASilent filter technology. As its name suggests, expect your Blueair 403 to work in silence.

There are 4 settings you can choose from that will generate noise level in the range between 32-52dB. To help you make sense on the number, 35dB is the noise level that experts find will wake you up from your sleep.

If you intend to place your air cleaner in the bedroom, you have the option to turn it into the lowest setting. And you can sleep peacefully!

5-Year Warranty

I usually look at the manufacturer’s warranty to give me an indication of their confidence level in their products. It is good to know that the Blueair 403 is covered for 5-years. But take note that the default is 1-year. You have to complete the enclosed warranty application card to enjoy the extended 5-year coverage.

“Is that something impressive?”. That’s a question I’m normally asked. My answer would be a “Yes”. Let me explain.

If considered on its own, there may not be much to be impressed about. But take a look at the manual. The manual recommends that you operate your Blueair 403 on 24-hour basis!

Multiply that over 5 years. To me, it is noteworthy that they are still saying that even with such heavy use, your Blueair 403 will still be good for the next 5 years. I’m not sure about other air purifier models but based on my knowledge, not all of them will explicitly recommend that you turn on your air purifier for 24-hour daily.

Costly or Worthy Investment?

The Blueair 403 is definitely not a cheap air sanitizer. But think about this.

Ask yourself what you’re buying your air purifier for. I don’t see anyone buying one just for the sake of pleasure. I usually see it as a necessity.

Let’s say you’re buying it because you have young kids in the house. Lots of kids suffer from colds and allergies especially during spring and summer time. That’s when we see the largest amount of pollens in our air.

If they have to skip schools for half of the time, what do you think the cost is equivalent to? They’ll miss classes and they might get left behind in class. In this case, do you think it is worth to skimp on your air purifier investment? If you ask me, I certainly doubt so.

It’s Back to You!

I’ve now ripped apart the Blueair 403 inside out. It is now back to you to decide if it is the perfect air purifier for your needs.

If you ask me, I think it is an air purifier worthy of every consideration. All the reasons in favor of the Blueair 403 boils down to 2 words: Effectively Beautiful!