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I‘m not sure if the opposition camp to tackling global warming simply just don’t get it or they are simply plain stupid. All evidences are piling up. Global warming is real and it is here to stay, regardless of whether you acknowledge it or not.

Impact of Global Warming is Real!

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies (that is attributed mainly due to pollen), then we have every reason to be aggravated. I am one of you and lately, I felt that my seasonal allergy is getting worse.

I’m not sure about you but from few friends that I spoke to, they have felt the same too, though their degrees are varying. Some say they are feeling much worse while some others are feeling worse but not by much.

I kept asking the question and tried to search for an explanation to that. If the same problem is bothering you, I’m glad that there is indeed a real explanation to that.

According to a recent scientific study presented by Leonard Bielory, M.D., at ACAAI’s annual meeting, his simulation modeling shows that pollen counts will double by the year 2040.

What does this means to allergy sufferers, like you and me? Literally speaking, this means that our pain will double by then.

But it is good to note that this number is average which means that depending the part of the world or the state that we live in, the explosion in pollen counts will be faster.

Global warming brings in more pollen

What we can do

There are few things we can do though some would be more far-fetched that the others.

First, I think we can all join the fight against global warming. Try to get ourselves be more involved and hopefully, there will be growing awareness and intensification in the fight to stop this destruction.

But this is what I called the more far-fetched step. I’m not sure how many of us would have the spare time to do this.

Second, I think we need to spend more time and effort to educate ourselves about pollen. One way is to know when pollen will be coming into your area so that you can better prepare yourself for it. The national allergy weather forecast can be found here.

Third, we need to start paying attention to the environment that we live in. Get rid of all the things that we don’t need instead of leaving them as junks in the store room.

I know it is heartbreaking to throw things away. It is a tough choice that you have to make. Better health or more junks? You decide.

Lastly, I think it is good for all of us to get a good understanding on how to identify good air purifier. When picking the best air purifier for allergy, it is good to separate the gimmicks from the essential features.

Don’t leave it to the last minute before searching for it. Advanced well-informed decision is always better than any impulse last minute decision.

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