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Pollen season comes round again. Mold enters a growth spurt in vents and releases a dense cloud of spores. Breathable air is under assault from multiple fronts, and it’s usually a case of snatching as much clean air as you can before allergens turn life into a misery of sneezing and watery-eyes.

The allergy-prone among us try to make the best of these times, but there’s a better way, a solution in the shape of the Holmes HAP726-U allergen remover, a clean air star in the making that features its very own co-star, true HEPA filtering technology.

Is Holmes HAP726-U a Good Air Purifier?

Key Considerations Before Buying

The Holmes HAP726-U True HEPA Allergen Remover is brought to the market with impressive claims, virtues that you’ll quickly become attached to if you’re looking for the best HEPA air purifier available for the home.

I’m mainly referring to the company claim of a 99.97% particle filtering rating. That’s a hefty figure, one that includes all of the allergens responsible for respiratory issues.

Air purifier reviews do typically assign praise to products with HEPA functionality, but the HEPA technology at the core of this device goes the extra mile, filtering pollen, pet dander, spores, dust and smoke with near absolute proficiency.

One issue I should mention at this point is the expense of HEPA filters. The product documentation illustrates the easy nature of their replacement, but consumers go further, highlighting their cost.

Filter and Overall Design

A second filter provides an extra level of air purification. This carbon filter is designed to trap larger particles, the airborne matter responsible for unpleasant odors and the clouds of second-hand smoke, absorbing them and outputting fresh air.

These two enhanced filters seem to be doing all the labor in pushing the HAP726-U air purifier up the best air purifier category, but there are plenty of other features of note here, tempting factors capable of topping air purifier reviews.

Filter design in Holmes HAP726-U air purifierReplacement filter for Holmes HAP726-U

The four-speed motor is super-quiet and free of vibration. A dual position build allows you to position the chassis in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, a big plus when considering your personal choice in best air purifier models.

Imagine being able to set up a fresh rush of air to massage your face from above, managing and customizing performance to maximize the airflow in rooms with unusual shapes. Of course, the design parameters I’ve mentioned so far are specifically tailored to match a medium-sized room.

Some owners have contested the boast of quiet operation, but I tend to view this as a glitch in quality control. I’d look for a demonstration model to see just how silent and vibration-free the fan is when processing contaminated air.

Aside from this issue and the expense of HEPA filters, the product operates well. It would undoubtedly benefit a home where occupants are sensitive to pets or the seasonal assault of pollen.

Consider the low price tag of the air purifier, weighing this affordability factor against the discomfort of asthma and general respiratory problems. Finally, I’ll take this opportunity to expand on the health-focused attributes with several features bound to aid owner convenience.

There’s a programmable timer that offers an extra touch of automation when the family is caught up in other tasks, and a smart monitor provided to alert users of reduced filter efficiency. Have those replacements filters ready when the little indicator illuminates.


Air purifier reviews strike a chord with health concerns, and the Holmes HAP726-U True HEPA allergen remover answers those concerns. It’s difficult to offer a less than stellar stamp of approval to a product capable of such high efficiency, after all. Just be sure to budget for those expensive filter replacements.

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