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Poor air quality from mold around the walls of a home can certainly cause breathing difficulties. Because of this, consumers are often on the hunt for the best air purifier.

Going through air purifier reviews prove to be helpful for many. But do keep in mind everyone’s personal mold killing needs are also unique to his/her own situation.

For instance, while one person might think that the best air purifier is one that is optimal for outdoor use, other consumers’ air purifier reviews may be more favorable towards indoor purifier options. Because of this, a careful examination of the features of any particular model is warranted.

My Take on Honeywell UV100A1059 UV Surface Treatment

Key Highlights at a Glance

The Honeywell UV100A 1059 UV Surface Treatment System is a system that is promised to kill both airborne bacteria and surface mold. As indicated by its name, this device utilizes UV rays to do its work, and such rays are considered more environmentally friendly than other options. This is because these rays do not produce ozone.

Boasting to be constructed in such a way as to allow for quick and easy bulb replacement, this Honeywell air purifier has been praised in air purifier reviews for being effective to use and easy to install. Additionally, this model can be used on both outdoor and indoor air ducts if desired.

Knowing the Pros

The Honeywell UV100A 1059 UV Surface Treatment System was shown to kill up to 99.9% of mold on system cooling coils during test runs. This product has also been proven to be effective for reducing the number of certain mold spores when used to irradiate the target area at a distance of 18 feet for a full 3 hours. (However, it should be noted that this test was completed using new bulbs; older bulbs might not produce the same results.)

Overall, the shortwave UV rays used in this system have been proven to be very effective at killing both airborne and surface microorganisms and bacteria. User reviews of this model are also very positive, with common comments being that bouts of illness seemed to be reduced considerably regarding the number of episodes after these units were installed.

Another positive feature of the Honeywell UV100A 1059 UV Surface Treatment System is its fairly safe design. The product’s lamps will not light unless the unit is properly installed in a HVAC duct, and the sealed unit construction design prevents accidental user exposure to both the unit’s voltage and the model’s UV rays. Purchases are backed by a five year warranty, and this product can be purchased online for a fairly reasonable price.

Understanding the Shortcomings

Although third-party retailer websites offer the Honeywell UV100A 1059 UV Surface Treatment System for decently affordable prices, the list price for this unit is definitely high.

Because of this fact, consumers may need to shop around through several websites in order to find the Honeywell UV100A 1059 UV Surface Treatment System for a reasonable price.

Additionally, while the bulb replacement is promised to be a simple task, the cost of the replacement bulbs themselves is also another considerable expense. The manufacturer of this product recommends that bulbs should be replaced on an annual basis.

Finally, this particular Honeywell model does not feature a Smart Lamp or an airflow sensor; other models of Honeywell air purifiers might offer these features.


Overall, the Honeywell UV100A 1059 UV Surface Treatment System certainly appears to be a tough contender for the best air purifier.

It is a relatively affordable unit that has been praised for its effectiveness. It is simple to install, and overall upkeep is decently easy to accomplish as well. Furthermore, the safety features of this particular unit make it fairly family friendly.