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There are many dehumidifiers on the market for large areas, but few available that use a compact form factor for limited space. For those interested in the best dehumidifier for a small space, I think the NewAir AD-250 25 Pint Room Dehumidifier offers some benefits that make it worth consideration.

Some say it is among the most recommended dehumidifier for bedroom usage. Does such claim hold true? Scroll down and you’ll figure out the answer.

What’s All the Fuzz about Newair AD250 Dehumidifier?

Key Highlights

The NewAir AD-250 25 Pint Room Dehumidifier is a small dehumidifier designed to be simple to operate without a lot of space. No one stops you from dispatching it in the basement, but that wouldn’t be a wise move to do so. Bigger models with the likes of Keystone and Friedrich D70BP might be more appropriate for such use.

The NewAir is capable of pulling 25 pints of water out of the air every day. You can either drain it continuously through a special drainage setup or into a catch basin that needs to be emptied periodically.

The NewAir is designed to be ideal for small spaces like a bedroom, an RV or a boat. But again, it depends on the humidity level at where you’re staying. If you’re living in areas with moderate to low humidity, the 25 pint per day capacity is good enough to be useful for residential use in such situation.

The NewAir is built to run quietly in the background every day and comes with easy to maintain componenets that should make keeping it going a simple process.

The air filters that it uses are completely washable so you can avoid common issues with mold and odor that other dehumidifiers often cause once they have been running for an extended time. This machine’s quiet operation and simple upkeep requirements are designed to enable long term dehumidification without the hassles of some larger options.

Water bucket in NewAir AD-250 small room DehumidifierPlacement of NewAir Bed Room Dehumidifier

What Users Think

Most users are happy with the NewAir AD-250 Compact Dehumidifier according to dehumidifier and air purifier reviews that cover the unit. Users seem impressed that such a small dehumidifier works just as well as many larger options.

Many also report being happy with the overall power usage of the NewAir, which stays at a reasonable level with both daily use and 24/7 operation.

I saw a few reviews from people who had defective machines, but most defects show up within the initial return period as long as you run it for a bit.

Control panel view of NewAir AD-250 DehumidifierBack panel view of NewAir AD-250

Noteworthy Benefits

One of the things I like about the NewAir AD-250 is the compact size when compared to the amount of water it can take out of the air. This option help this machine stand out when compared to many larger units.

Dehumidifiers need clearance on all sides for airflow, so using a smaller unit really opens up new options for placement that allow it to work in places where something larger won’t work.

I was also impressed by the convenience of the continuous drainage option, which allows this unit to run in places where you aren’t often present. The small size and continuous drainage option make the NewAir AD-250 one of the best dehumidifier choices for anyone looking for a machine that will fit in something like an RV or a storage shed.

Some Things to Consider

Many users claim that the NewAir AD-250 is louder than they thought it would be. While the unit still may be quiet when compared to other dehumidifiers, the noise level is still enough that some owners consider it intrusive.

But you may want to take note that different individuals have different level of noise tolerance. What’s considered intrusive for some is in fact, considered soothing ‘white noise’ for others.

Some may find it frustrating that this dehumidifier doesn’t have the features and options that larger units usually have. The absence of hygrometer and hence the option to monitor and set the desired operating humidity level is notable.

Do You Think NewAir AD-250 is a Wise Choice?

You should now have a good insight into the inner features of NewAir AD-250. It is considered to be good enough for anyone looking for powerful moisture protection designed for a small space.

There are few concerns about this popular dehumidifier. Ask yourself how applicable these concerns are to you. Then you can decide if this is the perfect dehumidifier for your particular needs.

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