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Summertime is wonderful, except for the pollen and other allergens. Fall is also wonderful, except for the mold spores and other allergens. If we could live without allergies or respiratory difficulties, every season would be beautiful.

However, we have to face the reality that poor air quality makes life less pleasant than it should be. A good air purifier can make our air fresh and clean and let us enjoy all the seasons. In this Hunter air purifier reviews, we’ve picked the 30378 model. Let’s see if it might just be the right air cleaning equipment for your home.

Can this Hunter Air Purifier Hunt Down the Allergen and Germs?

Air Cleaning Performance

The Hunter 30378 air purifier is created for large rooms and can handle up to 19 by 21 feet. It offers the Hunter’s Hepatech air purification system that removes 99.97% of up to 0.1 microns and can change the air in a room up to six times an hour. It has a separate ionizer, three speeds, and reduces odor by 30%. In addition, this unit provides LED filter and pre-filter change reminders.

To get a gauge of how the Hunter 30378 delivers in terms of satisfaction level, it is important that you go through the reviews shared by owners of this particular air filter model. Though the reviews are mixed, the general feel that I get is they are more inclined towards the positive end of the scale.

Among the most common praises often highlighted are the true HEPA filter, the quiet motor, and the odor reduction. Several people specifically noted that their allergies were greatly improved after a few days of running this purifier and that even cat dander was neutralized to the point where people allergic to cats could enter the room without ill effect.

Consumers ranked it as effective, reliable, and affordable. Most had nothing but few minor complaints.

Air purifier filter replacement for Hunter 30378Hunter 30378 HEPATech Air Purifier Replacement Filter

Savings Tips on Maintenance

Those few buyers who were less than thrilled with their purchase felt the filter replacement cost was too high. This is a common complaint among owners of HEPA filter purifiers but seemed to be of particular concern to a few Hunter owners.

One purchaser actually posted his solution to high priced replacement filters. He buys furnace filters and cuts them down to use as filters for his Hunter unit. Whether these would be as effective as the recommended filters is questionable, but it is a possibility for those consumers determined to save money.

In almost every purifier we’ve looked at, one of the main complaints has been the cost of replacement filters. Of course, better purification generally means better filters. These superior filters usually cost more.

So, if you want the excellent performance of a true HEPA filter unit, you need to be prepared to pay for it. For models containing pre-filters, carbon filters, and HEPA filters, the cost of replacing all three is obviously going to be significant. Before you buy an air purifying unit, you need to budget for the yearly filter cost. That way you can determine what the real cost of your purifier will be.

My 2-Cents Worth

Despite the complaints about the high cost of filter replacement, most Hunter air purifier reviews are mixed. This Hunter model does an excellent job of cleaning the air in a large room. It is quiet and has enough features to keep most people happy. The unit is still within the more affordable range and relieves allergy symptoms for many sufferers.

If the mixed review raises certain level of doubt, why not check out our pick for the best air purifier models? Find out the criteria we use to make our pick and apply it to your own quest.