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Oreck has long been known for its superior lightweight vacuum cleaners. These machines are generally given high marks by their owners, and brand loyalty is high. Oreck air purifiers are also popular with consumers, and the Oreck air purifier reviews reflect that customer satisfaction. In particular, the Oreck AirInstinct 75 offers the features that appeal to customers in the market for an air purifier.

People suffering from respiratory problems and allergies often find relief with these machines. This particular model monitors particulate levels in the air and adjusts the fan speed accordingly, giving the consumer superior filtering action.

Highlights of Oreck AirInstinct 75

The two layers of HEPA filter lessens odors and volatile organic compounds in the air. It also captures 99.97% of dust, pet dander, mold, and other allergens that pollute the air. The Oreck is also energy efficient and comes with a timer for the buyer’s convenience. This model is available both online and in department stores and is affordable for most people.

The Good

Great Style

There are numerous Oreck air purifier reviews that give the AirInstinct 75 a thumbs up.

One thing that owners rave about is the sleek black and silver design of the Oreck AirInstinct 75. They praise it for being tall and slim because it fits nicely into their décor.

It’s actually attractive enough to look like a modern furnishing, which is desirable for many users. Also, it is lightweight enough to move easily, making it even more convenient.

Thoroughly Quiet

In addition to the style, buyers really like the Oreck’s quiet and thorough operation. Most reviewers feel this air purifier is powerful and easy to maintain. The only maintenance required is only regular cleaning of the pre-filters during the life of the two-year HEPA filter as recommended in the official manual.

Also, replacing the HEPA filter when the time comes is simple. Allergy users strongly endorse the unit as a preventative aid for their condition.

Hands-off Operation

The automatic speed adjustment is another popular feature. The machine senses the air quality and adjusts the fan to the necessary speed. Users love this aspect of Oreck technology because it keeps the air fresh, and they don’t have to worry about making adjustments themselves.

The machine does the work for them. In terms of performance, the majority of buyers are more than satisfied. They believe the quality of their air is greatly improved when they use this air purifying unit.

Inside view of Oreck airinstinct 75Side view of Oreck airinstinct 75

The Bad

This Oreck model had few drawbacks, according to buyers, but they did warn that replacing the HEPA filter was expensive; however, since that is only required every two years, most felt the expense was justified (see here for discussions on how HEPA filter can help in improving your health). One user complained that the purifier made the air smell acrid and that the motor made an annoying noise. These concerns did not reflect most of the other reviewers’ experience.

Judging from the various Oreck air purifier reviews, it seems that while there are unhappy customers, they make up a small percentage of the overall user base. For me, I haven’t seen any product (in any field) that is able to satisfy 100% of their users.

It’s Your Call Now

You have to weigh the pros and cons yourself. If you have had positive experience with the Oreck brand, you are more likely to give the AirInstinct 75 a try (even though you know there is no guarantee that you would get the same experience each time). But if you have had negative experience with the brand before, you are less likely to consider this air purifier, no matter how great a review it might had earned. Just remember the saying, “Don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch”.

So do you think Oreck AirInstinct 75 is the best air purifier for your needs?

Have you made up your mind yet? If not and you’re seeking a solution to improve your allergy or asthma conditions, do check out our winning air purifier models for asthma sufferers.