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The development of a new test has expedited the diagnosis of asthma by using a single drop of blood. Detecting the presence of an asthmatic condition has traditionally relied on observing symptoms, but the new test uses an analysis of cell function instead.

Asthma makes breathing difficult, and particles in the air make the task more strenuous. Using the best air purifier reduces the amount of particles in the air and controls allergens as well. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is the most effective one to use.

The Current State of Asthma Diagnostic

Currently, there are many patients who do not demonstrate asthmatic symptoms while visiting their doctors and are often not diagnosed as having the disease. While asthma is a condition that is not curable, it is manageable if diagnosed early.

Self-management is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a way to achieve better health. Preventing asthma attacks is the goal of a self-management program, and the CDC provides guidelines for establishing an individualized approach.

The Future

Given that Asthma affects nearly 20 millions Americans, having early and accurate diagnosis of Asthma is important. This will improve the quality of lives of Asthma sufferers and may save significant number of lives.

Recently, a group of Wisconsin University researchers found a quick and easy way of identifying if a person suffers from asthma. The study suggested that by examining the movement of neutrophils (a type of white blood cell), it is possible to tell if the person is an asthma sufferer.

While this characteristic is not something new, it is the invention of the handheld device that can detect such condition that is noteworthy. Using the device, the amount of neutrophils required to do the diagnosis is considerably reduced and diagnosis can be done withing minutes.

As someone who knows the hell of asthma suffering, I was excited to hear such news. But for now, this is still within the confinement of academic setting. I’m looking forward to the day when the clinical trial of this diagnostic technology would start.

What It Means to us

The benefit of even the best air purifier is a subject that opens up to much debate. Those who have not felt the need and benefit of an air purifier will certainly argue about the effectiveness it has on our health. But speak to those who have personally experienced how the deployment of air purifier has significantly improve their lives and they will tell you that a good air purifier really works.

Delaying the purchase of an effective air purifier is not as serious as amounting to life and death. However, it means more delay to those who are seriously in need of better air quality to breathe. Be sure to check out our pick of the best air purifier for asthma and allergy sufferer if you are looking for a solution to alleviate your suffering.

In addition, early diagnosis of asthma is always welcome as it lets those affected take the necessary precaution early. It can only mean less sufferings and less death.

But for Now…

The future of asthma diagnostic looks promising with the latest invention. Echoing the wish of millions of asthma sufferers out there, let’s just hope that we’ll get to enjoy such invention sooner rather than later.

Image courtesy of NIAID