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When you are looking for the best HEPA air purifier, it is important to read all of the reviews that are available. These reviews will be able to tell you the important aspects of the purifier and the way that it works.

The reviews will also give insight to the benefits of the purifier and most reviews will also point out the down sides to the process. Finding the right HEPA air purifier is a great way to ensure that the air is pure and you are able to breathe better no matter what the circumstances.

Getting to Know Whirlpool AP205030K Whispure Air Purifier

Key Features You Need to Know

The Whirlpool AP25030K Whispure Air Purifier is a small size air purifier that only weighs 120 pounds. It is movable from room to room and allows users to have the air purification they need in each room.

Among the best HEPA air purifier models on the market, the Whispure is able to stand above others. It is a small option that can fit a large variety of needs and travels well for people who need their air purifier wherever they go.

The purifier will also work to remove pet hair, foul odors in the home and can help reduce the amount of cigarette smoke in some homes. The Whirlpool AP25030K Whispure Air Purifier also works to help remove large amounts of dust that may exist in a room and is ideal for people who have trouble breathing in conditions that are less than pure.

Summary of the Pros

Most people who wrote air purifier reviews on the Whirlpool AP25030K Whispure Air Purifier were satisfied with the way their unit worked. It was an easy to use and efficient model that did not require much assembly after being taken out of the box.

It was easy to get running and it worked well in smaller rooms. People who had pets seemed extremely impressed with its ability to not only get rid of pet hair, but to get rid of the smell that often accompanies pets in the home.

Many reviews also reported that the room that the purifier was in seemed to be cooler than other rooms, possibly due to the constant circulation that the purifier provided.

Summary of the Cons

The major downside that reviewers reported when using the Whirlpool AP25030K Whispure Air Purifier was that it was a loud option compared to some other models that were the same size. Some of the air purifier reviews even reported that it sounded like a small helicopter.

Other issues that people had with the Whirlpool AP25030K Whispure Air Purifier was its inability to purify the air in small rooms, its plastic casings and the fact that it did not come with a comprehensive warranty.

It is a small purifier that is not made for large areas and works best in rooms that are smaller as well as homes that do not have an open floor plan. The noise is caused by the constantly rotating fan blades and is an adjustment for people who enjoy the benefits of the air purifier.


It can be difficult to find the best HEPA air purifier, but reading air purifier reviews and understanding all of the benefits of a specific model will make the process go more smoothly.

I hope this review has given you a clearer idea on what to expect should you decide to buy the Whirlpool AP25030K Whispure air purifier.

But if asked if this is the best air purifier, my answer would be depending on the budget. In my opinion, everyone’s dream air purifier is still the IQAir HealthPro Plus and that is what I would recommend for those who can afford it.

But for those who really can’t afford the upfront investment required of the IQAir, the Whirlpool AP25030K is among the better options when it comes to the best low-cost air purifiers.