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If you are looking for the best HEPA air purifier, you may have come across the Winix FresHome Model P300 True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave.

It is important to find the right air purifier for your needs and you should always read all of the reviews and information on a purifier before you make the ultimate decision on which one to purchase for your home.

Always remember to read the air purifier reviews to make sure that the purifier has worked well for other people who have the same or similar needs as you. You should be able to gather all of the information on the purifier before you make the ultimate decision on which purifier to purchase.

A Look at Winix Freshome P300

Key Product Information You Need to Know

The FresHome model P300 is a middle of the line model that is offered by the Winix company. It is intended for average-size spaces and is able to purify a large amount of odors and pollutants in the air.

It is ideal for getting rid of pet smells, smoke and even dust in the room that it is in. It is also able to eliminate the pollutants that could be harmful to people who have trouble breathing or who have any type of respiratory condition.

The purifier is able to take the odors that it pulls out of the room and break them down using the PlasmaWave technology. When they are broken down with this technology, there is no harmful Ounceone that is emitted like in other air purifiers.

Side view of Winix FresHome Model P300 True HEPA Air purifierImage of Winix FresHome P300 True HEPA Air Purifier with PlasmaWave

Weighing the Good and Bad

The air purifier reviews on the FresHome P300 list many benefits to using the machine. It comes with an easy to use handle that makes it ideal for transporting from room to room in a home and even outside of the home into other buildings.

It comes with extra carbon filters that make it easy to change and will increase the life. The unit comes with 4 different settings including sleep, medium, high and turbo.

Most users reported that these settings functioned true to their names and that the model was easy to sleep with while it was on high and medium. The Freshome P300 also comes with a remote control that makes the system easier to use.

When shopping for the best HEPA air purifier, it is important to know all of the downsides to each one that you have chosen. The FresHome does not have many downsides, but one major one that reviewers pointed out was a dull hum or whine that was present in all of the settings of the filter.

Multiple stages of air cleaning in Winix P300 True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWaveControl panel in Winix FresHome Model P300 True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave

It was not uncommon for users to get frustrated with the whine sound, although it was not a loud sound. Many users also reported that this air purifier was not excellent at reducing cigarette smoke in a small amount of time, although the model advertises that it will be able to eliminate.

Users also did not like the fact that the air purifier worked best when set to turbo, but the turbo setting was the loudest and caused the most vibration out of all of the settings.


Looking for the best HEPA air purifier can be intimidating and difficult, but reading all of the air purifier reviews you can find will be able to help you make the right decision on the air purifier that is right for you.

Is Winix FreshHome P300 the perfect air purifier for you? I believe only you will be able to answer it yourself. I hope that by now, you understand what kind of expectation you can have from this air purifier.

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