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The Winix Signature U450 Air Purifier features five stages of advanced filtration to to capture any allergens that may cause medical problems. These air purifiers will also eliminate chemicals and odors.

The Winix Signature U450 is recommended for spaces that are 450 square feet and up. Let’s go through the few reasons that make this flagship model one of the best-selling air purifiers in the market.

Examining the Features of Winix Signature U450

Remote and Electronic Controls

This air purifier also features a remote control to help people operate the device from bed. The electronic controls make it easier to operate. The convenience of the automated features are excellent and are marked by LED indicator lights and a color-coded air quality sensor. The four speeds give the air purifier more functionality.

Energy Efficient

When appliances are energy-efficient, they use less energy and save more money in your home. Energy Star ratings are excellent for this particular device. Most Energy Star appliances are 40 percent more efficient than conventional appliances. Most people can save up to $25 annually.

Winix Deliver High CADR Scores

This model receives high clean air delivery rate (CADR) scores. A CADR score will measure the effectiveness that pollutants such as pollen, dust, and smoke are filtered out of the air.


PlasmaWave Technology is an ozone-safe technology that will comply with California Air Resources Board (CARB). This technology ensures that the device is ozone-safe.

Carrying Handle for Convenience

Most people enjoy this air purifier because it’s easy to carry. The handle improves the mobility of this device and can help you get clean air in any room of your home.

Vacuumable Filters

When users vacuum the carbon and HEPA filters, they tend to last longer and can help consumers save money long-term. Vacuumable filters are also eco-friendly.

Washable Filters

Washable filters are more eco-friendly. Once washed, these filters can last for an entire year. This is more convenient and easier for consumers who want an air purifier.

Five-Stage Filtration

In stage one, the anti-bacterial pre-filter traps the large particles. This stage typically captures hair, dust, and lint. The first filter will inhibit the growth of impurities and will extend the life of the HEPA filter. This filter can be rinsed and reused throughout the filter’s life.

The second stage is the Antimicrobial CleanCell Protection. This will reduce the appearance dust mites, molds, mildew, bacteria, and fungi. HEPA filters will capture 100 percent of the allergen particles present in the air. This includes pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, smoke, and bacteria.

In the next stage, the activated carbon filter will enhance air quality and absorb and neutralize odors such as ammonia and bacteria. The filters can be washed and reinserted for every year of use.

Winix uses patented PlasmaWave technology to remove gases, odors, chemical vapors, and airborne viruses. This system uses hydroxyls to neutralize airborne pollutants and make them harmless. This neutralization will render all pollutants harmless.

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Upfront vs Long-Term View

When you invest in a Winix air purifier, you’re likely to feel so much better when your air is clean and pure. Most people place the purifiers in their bedrooms, living, or offices spaces.

The Winix Signature U450 air purifier will also last for a longer period of time than other purifiers because of the choices that the designers have selected.

Overall, the Winix is a great choice, but some people have concerns about the price. Being Winix’s signature series, the U450 is the most expensively priced compared to other Winix air purifiers.

But if you are someone who takes the long term perspective, you will find that the need of less regular filter replacement might eventually offset the upfront investment cost that you have to fork out at the beginning.

My 2-cents worth

I’ve laid out the considerations, both in favor and against the buying of Winix U450. I believe you have the necessary information to make your pick.

In case you’re still undecided, why not check out who we pick as the winner in the battle for the king of air purifier throne.